Patrick Lambertz

Founder & Ministry Overseer


Hey, Whassup, I’m Patrick Lambertz. I wanna share a little about myself, but also leave part of my testimony for meeting times. – I had a Catholic upbringing, went to Catholic school, was an altar boy, and went to Church every Sunday ’til I graduated from high school. When I went off to college, I stopped going to Church. The ritual got to be just that – monotonous.

One day a campus crusader came by my dorm room and asked me if I was saved. I said “I guess?!” They asked me all these questions that I realized I really did not have the answer to, like if I had a personal relationship w/ JC. That is when I couldn’t help feel as if the Church had ripped me off. After a few years of trying to do things on my own, I grew an inward desire to seek the Christ I did not know.

Along my way, I had fallen to some bad habits, and did not realize the impact my decisions would later have on my life. Until recently, about 2007, I was ‘Church shopping’ and came across Substance. It helped that the few people I knew wanted to try starting a SPACE group together. After that decision, my accountability brothers and I grew up this unstoppable passion to serve Christ.

In the spring of 2008, we started Men of the City and wanted to share this passion, but moreover share the power and grace God has to change even the deepest, darkest area of our lives. And now, I am blessed, honored, even humbled to be takin MOTC to a HNL – hole nutha level.

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