Kelly Brown

Small Group Leader: Creative Men


My name is Kelly Brown. I’m from St. Paul MN. I’m a local illustrator and designer here in the Twin Cities.

I joined Men of the City back in late 2009. When I first started coming to the group, I wasn’t really that excited about it. I thought “Great, more Christians to judge my life’s choices”. But instead I got a true gift from God. “Brotherhood” Not the cheesy “brotherhood” where we pretend to like each other over coffee and small talk. But the kind of bonding where strangers automatically become family. Like you already know them.

I think my biggest dream when growing up was to become an artist. And its now what I do for living. But I can honestly say that my art led me to this group. Which got me closer the Lord.

I wish the best for all people. Life is tough. Everyone has a particular situation to deal with. It is up to all of us to set aside our assumptions and listen to that person. Especially when they are hurting.

Be blessed as much as you can!