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Jim Secor

I was going through some rough times before going to Substance Church. I went through a bank foreclose on my house. It’s not the fact that I lost my house, but the bank called me everyday about me not making my mortgage payments. Instead of giving it to God. I choose to cuss out the banks and went back to drinking. I found out about Substance Church from a neighbor In my Apartment complex. I then started going to Substance Church in Aug of 2010. It was the 2nd week I went to Starting Point and someone handed my a flyer for Men of the City. I went to MOTC and it changed my life. They guys there were willing to listen to my troubles and they prayed and help me along the way (to become a men of God).  I went to the MOTC retreat in Fall and was hooked up with a accountability partner, and now he is my coleader for MOTC Game On!!! MOTC has impacted my life for the better.

Favorite food for grilling; hamburger and steaks

Goals; get out of dept and hopefully, travel to foreign countries and doing missionary work once a year.

Interests; disk golf, Summertime outdoors, working on my and of course Boardgames!!!. I’m an Extravert so I love to hang out with friends and other people.
I enjoy serving for God,  greeting and ushering at Subsance and Feed my starving children.