Fines Whittley

Small Group Leader: Creative Men


I joined Men of the City in 2009. The impact it has had on my walk is life changing. It was first time that I understood that all men deal with the same things. But if you have good Christian men to walk out life with you, it changes how heavy life can get. And this is the main reason I am still a part of Men Of The City to lead men to understanding that they are not in this battle alone. Grace and Peace.

  • What is your favorite thing to grill? Steak and Chicken.
  • What is your favorite MAN activity/extreme sport, hobby or current book you are reading? Basketball, Table Tennis and Drawing
  • What are your life long goals? What did you dream of when growing up? Being the best husband and dad I can be with God’s help and also impacting this earth with the gospel using the tools and gifts God has given me.

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