Dan Thole

Prayer Warrior & Intercessor



My name is Dan Thole. I joined MOTC in the Fall of 2010, mainly because I knew I needed positive male influences in my life. I was also a brand new follower of Jesus at the time. I soon realized I was surrounded by authentic Christian guys, guys who could be fun and serious in the same conversation. They prayed with me, sharpened me, and helped keep me from my old, selfish drinking ways—and still do. Besides love and accountability, I also found common interests in my kind of stuff: grilling, hunting, biking, meaningful conversations, and of course Jesus. In the last year I’ve met some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, become captain of the prayer team at my home church, and joined the leadership team at MOTC. I love this community.

  • Favorite thing to grill: antelope steaks
  • Favorite MAN activity: mountain biking/hunting
  • Currently reading: Letters from a Skeptic – G. Boyd
  • Life goals: ministry of some kind


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