Magna Carta

Our Magna Carta

This Magna Carta was chartered in November 2009 by the attenders of Men of the City at the time.



To follow Jesus – I used to believe that I could run with my own baggage, now I choose to throw off all that hinders me and run in the life God has in store for me. I choose forward progress and in turn will receive abundant joy. Heb 12:1-2 Rom 8:12 John 10:10

To actively pursue greatness – I refuse to believe that losing my life for the Lord is boring, annoying, painful or difficult. Instead I choose to believe that losing my life for Him will in turn save my life and expand my capacity to love. Matt 16:25 Rom 12:1-2 Mark 8:34

To fight unseen battles – My enemies are not government officials, pastors, my father, my wife or mean people. My struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against unseen forces. I choose to stand up against the enemy and it starts in my own mind. Eph 6:12 2Cor 10:3-5

To be a risk taker – I believed that playing it safe was okay, but I realize that having faith actually means I have to take risks. I choose to take risks and trust my Father above, and that this pleases Him. Heb 11:6

To build strategic alliances and plans – I used to believe I could conquer and resist sin on my own. I now choose to employ God and believe that brothers around me will help defeat these areas more effectively. I understand that prayer in community divides the enemy and brings me closer to God. James 5:16 1Cor 12:12 2Cor 6:14 Gal 6:2

To believe what God says about me – I reject the lie that I am not good enough, or that I have to measure up to others to succeed. I choose instead to believe that I am God’s child and Christ’s friend, and that I may approach Him with confidence and that I can really do all things because He is the one who strengthens me. John 1:12 Eph 3:12 Phil 4:13

To be forgiven and forgive – In the past I believed that being a strong man meant I must not reveal my weakness to others because they would shame me or not love me. Now I choose to be a true man who finds a close friend to confess my sin early to and receive prayer. In turn, God can forgive me, heal me, and make me a stronger man. James 5:16 1John 1:9 2Cor 12:9

To have Joy – I thought that if I complained about my circumstances I would feel better, or others might fix my problems. I realize that I should not complain and choose to find joy in whatever I am doing and wherever I am, and as I choose to be content, I will receive great gain. Heb 12:2 Phil 4:4 1Tim 6:6

To believe that I am an agent for change – I used to think that that life is what happens to me and that I could not change it or others around me. From now on I choose to be responsible for my actions or inaction and that I can actually do anything with God’s help and will seek Him for it. Phil 4:13 Jer 29: 11

To find comfort in God alone – I used to believe that self-medicating was acceptable and provided me with satisfaction. I choose to believe that complete satisfaction is found in the arms of my Father, and that he provides comfort. 2Cor 1:3-6 James 1:2

To believe I have worth – I used to believe I was not worthy of being someone who amounted to much. Now I believe that Jesus is the one who has shown me I am worthy. I do not have to be perfect now or ever even though I will strive to. Eph 2:8-9 1Cor 6:19-20 Col 1:14

To submit to authority – In the past I believed that submission made me weak and vulnerable. I will choose to submit to authority, both God’s and worldly, because I believe it offers me protection. Heb 13:17

To pursue God’s kingdom first – I used to believe that earthly wisdom and knowledge determined my ability to be successful. As I choose to put aside the pursuit for material possessions, I will chase after a different kind of treasure in heaven, knowing that God will provide for my needs. Matt 6:19-33

To serve in humility – By competing and trying to out-serve others only offered me pride and self-centered goals. Now I choose to put the needs of my neighbor, my family, and my wife ahead of mine. I choose to remind myself to be humble and follow the example Jesus set for us. Matt 6:1-4 James 4:10 Phil 2:5-9

To receive love and love others – In the past I thought that by judging others for their sin was okay and beating myself up for mine regained favor with God. From now on I choose to receive grace and to let God have the judgment so I can focus on loving with all of my being, those who may not know the result of their actions. I will also accept the love from God and forgiveness of my own actions. Matt 22:37-40 Rom 3:21-24 Deut 6:5


Copyright 2009. Men of the City.

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