Welcome to Men of the City!

Men of the City is a (501c3) non-denominational faith based group for men.  It is our Mission to unite like-minded men from churches all over the Twin Cities to get together, talk, grow, mature, and become the leaders God has called us to be.  Our Vision is to Equip and Empower all men to become men of significance and purpose in our homes, families, workplaces and communities.

We aim to accomplish this by offering men multiple entry points:

Annual Men’s Weekends– Men of the City has been providing annual men’s weekends successfully for four years with focus on competition, worship, bible teaching, testimonies, self reflection, and great food.

Quarterly Men’s Events– One night a quarter we will plan a Free Men’s Event where you can invite any man you wish to introduce them to a thriving community of men to come together and worship, and then be encouraged by guest speakers who are seasoned faith and community leaders.

Bi-weekly Large Groups (7-9pm every other Thursday)- This group meeting is designed to build community.  Often times as men we believe we have the strength to handle life on our own.  God, however, did not design us this way. Our large groups* will consist of having competitive ice-breakers, thought provoking parables, and wrap up with group discussion.  This format gives everyone the opportunity to tell their story, to lift each other up and encourage them for the weeks ahead.

*Variables include: food, outdoor or gym activities, location changes, etc. Join our Facebook group or sign up for our newsletter below to stay informed of these variations so you can plan ahead.

Bi-Weekly Small Groups (7-9pm every other Thursday between Large Groups)- Our Small Group cohorts are designed to dig deeper into how God designed us as men, how we can best understand His plan and purpose for each one of us.  These cohorts will embark on quarterly missions with each other, guided by a selection of teachings by Man in the Mirror Ministries.

Find “Men of the City” on Twitter and Facebook for closer look at our community.